For nearly 40 years, Skip Parker has been entertaining and providing joy to people through his music around the area of Dallas. Skip Parker is a man of multiple tastes in music. From soothing music to country music, he has sung all of them beautifully to make the crowd fall in love with the music. His endless love and passion for music is what ignites Skip to keep on singing and making people happy.

From Birthday parties to community gatherings, Skip has sung all types of song at different events whether it's your favorite song or from his own brilliant collection of songs. He finds that singing is an easy way to entertain people and his passion makes him do it in the best way possible.


My Collection

1-09 You're Something Special to Me - Event | March 3, 2021

1-10 Ring of Fire - Event | April 6, 2021

1-15 Some Broken Hearts Never Mend - Event | March 3, 2021

03 Don't be Cruel 1958 - Event | March 3, 2021

04 Have you Ever Seen the Rain 1970- Event | March 3, 2021

Tie a Yellow Ribbon 1973- Event | March 3, 2021